Mary Ann Stoll

Program Coordinator

Photo of Mary Ann Stoll

Arizona Project WET takes many of my passions - education, problem solving, the environment, children, design, and engineering and science - and focuses them on the most compelling issue in this place and time: water. As an Education and Technology Coordinator for APW, I get to learn and teach about water, work with teachers and students to realize more effective education, explore technology tools and figure out how to use them to accomplish educational and career-oriented objectives, develop effective STEM curriculum, and build a better website every day. I love what I do and I'm inspired by the people that I work with.

My experiences prior to and during my 7 years with APW help me to accomplish these things for the organization and for the teachers and community that we serve. Thanks to my Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Idaho, Masters work at Arizona State University, and 13 years of engineering in the semiconductor industry, my engineering approach to problem solving, planning and instructional design benefit APW's curriculum development. 10 years as a school Technology Coordinator and Math, Science, Computer, and Professional Development instructor give me insight into the challenges that our teachers face in and out of the classroom today. Working with girls at the Phoenix Girls Chorus and high school students through FIRST Robotics keeps me connected to today's youth. Having developed websites at every juncture along my career path for 15 years, the APW website is a fun and challenging place to lend my programming skills.