Pamela Justice

Program Coordinator

Maricopa County

Photo of Pam Justice

Recalling my father’s questions as we traveled through Arizona, “What mountain is that?”…”Where does that river flow?”…”What lake is behind Glen Canyon Dam?”, I have to smile. His endless questions about the land instilled in me an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn. His love of Arizona was passed on to me!

Later in life, as a farmer/rancher, I gained a different appreciation for the land, water, and their importance to our lives. Growing organic citrus and raising natural beef, I became keenly aware of the tug-of-war between urban growth and our farming communities and the need for water by both. I served on the Dysart Unified School District governing board for thirteen years where we established and implemented educational goals for a growing district. During that time, I progressed through the chairs to become president of the Arizona School Boards Association in 1999. Agriculture being our family passion and business, I was elected to lead Maricopa County Farm Bureau as its president and served on the Arizona Farm Bureau Board for 10 years. My experiences in both the education and agricultural arenas have given me insights into the disconnect between the reality of human needs and the public’s perception of our natural resources.

I bring my love for water and the land to my professional work with Arizona Project WET. I joined the APW team in 2003 and my desire to learn and teach, instilled by my father, continues to this day! This great group of talented individuals, that I am so blessed to work beside, strives to educate not only teachers but the greater community at large on the importance of our precious water supply!